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Kleros [PNK]

ENDED: July 15, 2018

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An Ethereum-based dispute resolution system.

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Executive Summary

Kleros relies on game theory, cryptography and blockchain for securing evidence, selecting jurors and providing them the incentives to make honest decisions. The protocol token (the pinakion, PNK) represents the right of users to be drawn randomly as jurors. Incentives are based on a game theoretical concept known as Schelling Point, developed by Thomas Schelling, Nobel Prize in Economics 2005. The fundamental insight is that jurors voting coherently with the majority should be rewarded. Jurors voting incoherently should be punished. Users doing high quality and honest work will make money. Users doing poor quality or dishonest work will lose money.
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15th May 2018

The ICO/Token/Coin sale opens

Happened: 5 Years, 9 Months, 8 Days ago

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15th July 2018

The ICO/Token/Coin sale closes

Happened: 5 Years, 7 Months, 8 Days ago


23rd February 2024

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