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Description is the first blockchain based platform that hosts, interconnects and scales up a wide variety of self-governed complementary economic systems -hubs-.

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Executive Summary is an open source platform that allows the creation of economichubs. Allowing each community to tailor their own market, currency, monetary systemand governmental policies. In addition to its approach to complementary monetarysystems, provides hubs a unique and transparent solution to targettriple impact objectives (social, economic and environmental).Community currencies are one of the most creative proposals that many communitieshave adapted to satisfy needs not met by mainstream currency. 
The variety ofcomplementary monetary systems allows the achievement of a broad array of specificobjectives (for example, promoting recycling, creating more employment, etc.). Blockchaintechnology can boost complementary currencies mainly in two ways: by providinga technological infrastructure that makes their use practical and easily scalable, andby offering a decentralized governing system that provides each user a higher level ofinvolvement. 
At, the preliminary study that a community is required to do beforethe implementation of its own token becomes accessible at a very low effort – communitiescan quickly design, test, and scale their currencies and markets by directly modifyingthe monetary and government systems’ parameters. Additionally, the flexibility ofthe platform will allow them to adapt the structure of their currencies to the newchallenges that they might face.
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21st June 2021

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