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Mattereum is a smart contract platform and related support services that aims to provide a high degree of certainty about the legal frameworks which will be used to handle issues arising from new technology in business. The first horizon is making possible the legal transfer of property using a smart contract. ...Read More

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Mattereum aims to build a system to facilitate the use of blockchaintechnology in commerce. However, as befits the blockchain space,a somewhat complex mix of different legal, technical and social norms haveto be combined to get this result. The integrity of the resulting contracts should be significantly higher than ordinary terms of service too, thanksto the concept of an independent dispute resolution panel.
T&C-type ‘jurisdictions’ are relatively weak because, although we canclearly see that the person using eBay or Amazon is legally bound to obeythe terms of service, these terms are seen as being one-sided and mainlyinterpreted to benefit the company which published them. In counterpoint,the Mattereum system uses negotiated contracts, which properly representthe interests of both parties, and independent arbitrators (paid by the partiesthemselves) to efficiently resolve any disputes that arise. A higher standardof integrity will be rewarded with better acceptance of decisions as fairand reasonable. The fairer, more equitable nature of the Mattereum contractsuite provides an additional set of benefits on top of those which naturallyfollow a decentralized trade environment.
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13th July 2024

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