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Description is a newly born organization seeking to revolutionize the ride-share industry

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Ride-sharing platforms have made rapid progress in the recent years. Worldwide revenue ofthese platforms is expected to be US$60billion in 2018. The ease and comfort they provide havemade many people adopt them for their daily commute needs. But with the rise in their reach,these platforms have also become more centralized and less transparent. Drivers face the brunt oftheir power by paying increased commissions and facing arbitrary changes in incentives.
WithiRide, we envisage a blockchain based platform which solves the current problem of increasedcommissions charged by centralized platforms like Uber, and make the platform moretransparent. iRide is a ride-sharing platform powered by smart contracts which connects ridersand drivers without the middleman, enabling drivers to make more money and riders to pay less.


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20th February 2018

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Happened: 3 Years, 9 Months, 16 Days ago


8th December 2021

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