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Crypto Wine Exchange (CWEX) is a blockchain-based fine wine-trading platform, connecting cryptocurrency owners to the fine wine market without complications from regulations and bonded storage

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Executive Summary

Fine wines are among the most profitable investment assets. Demand for investing in them is growing significantly. However, current fine wine trading platforms are complicated and have high processing fees.
The CWEX exchange aims to establish easy to access and easy to use fine wine trading platform. Backed up by its partner, DotChain GmbH based in Switzerland, it guarantees anonymity and security of investment by providing blockchain based ownership certification to each bottle of wine traded on the trading platform.
This system of trading with ownership certificates significantly lowers the current processing fees, leaving the buyer almost 80% higher value of his investment at the start.


Whitelist and KYC

This ICO has a whitelist and a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. Whitelist available only on main website, use ONLY the website to do this process


Pre-Sale Starts

15th December 2018

The ICO/Token/Coin pre sale opens

Happened: 7 Months, 4 Days ago

Pre Sale Ends

9th January 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin pre sale closes

Happened: 6 Months, 10 Days ago

Sale Starts

10th January 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale opens

Happened: 6 Months, 9 Days ago

Sale Ends

21st March 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale closes

Happened: 3 Months, 29 Days ago


19th July 2019

Current Status: On Schedule

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