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Our team of professionals has seriously approached the development of our token. Our primary goal is to bring blockchain technology to every home and to every user making the using of this technology as daily as our daily life. In addition to all this, the ecology of our planet is very ...Read More

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Our Armacoin GZM coin is speciallydesigned for advertising companies, as wellas various media, as well as variousgreetings registered on the basis ofblockchain. Each new message will not beoverwritten by the previous one but will besupplemented. These advertisers can bequite a lot and each of them will receivepayment for their advertising message. 
Thecost of this one message will be 1 GZM. Inthis coin added to the function set-messingmessendzh and the global variable that ispermanently stored in the blockchain. TheSet-message function adds a line to theMessage function and for this, 1 GZM isremoved from the account of the one whocalls this function and transfers this 1 GZMto the advertiser's account. This coin is like a prototype of a Billboard, where the ownersof this token, that is, advertisers for 1 GZMto place a message in the contract line. The advertiser can place this message onbillboards in cities, on websites and allvisitors will see what is specified in theglobal parameter of the message.This coin was created on the ERC-20contract.
The total number of issued andcoins for mining does not exceed 1 billion.The mining of this coin is also unique in thatit allows you to generate GZM tokens withlow power renewable energy. This leavesmost of the green energy to feed into thenetwork, while the miner takes advantageof the opportunity to acquire new tokens.We are also developing applications for thissmart contract and will give the opportunityto mine these tokens using renewableenergy sources, various gadgets withinstalled pedometers, electric vehicles,fitness bracelets and much more. 
Everythingwill be done for environmentally friendlyand safe in nature mining, as well as thestimulation of a healthy lifestyle of ourinhabitants of the planet. We will encourageeveryone who cares about the purity andecology of our planet.


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24th May 2024

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