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Crypt-Oink is a game by Good Luck 3 Inc which utilizes Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based upon the Ethereum Standard ERC721. CryptoKitties players can also enjoy an exclusive experience in Crypt-Oink, and enter an exclusive race with a 3D RoboKitty on the pig’s back to win Special Edition CryptoKitties! Each ERC721 ...Read More

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Executive Summary

RAKUN Platform aims to be a new ecosystem founded upon Games and Blockchain technology. Blockchain’s potential to change the world mimics the revolutionary impact of the Internet. However, the extent of application for Blockchain technology has surrounded the price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, unfortunately leaving the general consumer without a sense of the applications of Blockchain technology. 

On the other hand, within the gaming world now exists non-convertible Digital Assets called Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which have quietly, but earnestly come to redefining how fundamental games and digital economies can function.

The first popular NFT which took the world by storm was the Cat collecting phenomenon, CryptoKitties1, which traded a single Cat NFT for a record high of $170,000 USD. It is blockchain’s ability to secure ownership of digital assets of such appraised high value that gives it uniqueness and the potential to largely change the behavior of forthcoming games and players alike. 

This uniqueness of a guaranteed sword, shields, characters and more as NFTs mimics the real-worldga concept of collateral and transactions of goods with perceived value. As the time and money spent in games by players changes to be assessed in the form of NFTs, a method of digitization of assets into the digital world becomes introduced. Ready Player One2 , a movie released in 2018 contains a Virtual World called “OASIS” which came into being by 2045 where numerous games allowing people to gain digital assets are wildly popular. The same concept of Oasis is being actualized by the advancement of VR, AI and blockchain. 

We are advancing the digital world by constructing a new type of communication platform where asset management, content, and users are well connected enabling various modes of self-expression possible via NFT content, transactions, and varying games. 

Crypt-Oink is a game by Good Luck 3, Inc which utilizes Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based upon the Ethereum Standards ERC721. Each ERC721 token, called a “Crypton”, has its own unique set of traits and appearances making over 3.6 Trillion possible. In other words, we’re able to produce life-like creatures with genetic information upon the Blockchain.


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20th July 2019

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