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ENDED: November 01, 2019

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VIBELAND revolutionizes the fundamental fabric of traditional community building through the utilization of blockchain technology and the development of decentralized applications. VIBELAND empowers creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs with an educational community where valuable resources and networks are shared. VIBELAND provides community members with a platform where users are rewarded for sharing their experiences, knowledge, creations, opinions, and wisdom. ...Read More

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Executive Summary

VIBELAND was established in April 2018 to build and contribute to the development of blockchain-based infrastructure and decentralized applications (dApps) for mainstream global adoption. 

Decentralization through the utilization of blockchain technology is a fundamental component of VIBELAND. Decentralization is crucial for providing transparency, security, privacy, efficiency, and establishing trust for any network. 

Centralized models of our network provide far fewer advantages, and therefore, fail dramatically to replicate the fundamental advantages of our decentralized network. Our uniquely designed decentralized-model allows us to empower individuals through technology and break down barriers to entry that institutions and governments have placed on the global economy, making it difficult for individuals and small businesses to successfully enter an international market. It also empowers individuals to break away from the limitations of centralized institutions of the industrial economy, as well as, rigid hyper-inflated government-issued currencies. Centralized companies under conventional industrial economic-models lack transparency, require fees and are profiteering from collecting your personal data.

Here at VIBELAND, our philosophy is community over competition. The overall goal of our project is to promote the development and adoption of blockchain-based infrastructures and applications through uniquely designed economic incentives. 

In order to give everyone an equal opportunity to get involved and earn the currency, people must be given an opportunity to work. A scalable consensus voting process must be implemented to judge the relative quality and quantity of work that individuals provide to the economy. We feel that we have accomplished this in the development of the VIBELAND project. 


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The Team

Mr Reid Lyness


Mr. Bryce Crawford

Co-Founder | Project Director | CEO

Casady Fletcher

CFO / VP of Communications


Pre-Sale Starts

1st February 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin pre sale opens

Happened: 3 Years, 6 Months, 12 Days ago

Pre Sale Ends

26th July 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin pre sale closes

Happened: 3 Years, 18 Days ago

Sale Starts

1st August 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale opens

Happened: 3 Years, 12 Days ago

Sale Ends

1st November 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale closes

Happened: 2 Years, 9 Months, 12 Days ago


13th August 2022

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