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The Multiven Open Marketplace [MTCN]

ENDED: May 01, 2020

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The world’s first blockchain-based marketplace for the global $4 Trillion IT products and services Industry.
The MOM is live in beta on the Rinkeby Testnet:

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Executive Summary

Founded in 2005 in Palo Alto, California by Peter Alfred-Adekeye - Cisco's former Technical Leader responsible for maintaining the integrity of Cisco IOS - the software that runs over 75% of the world’s Internet networks, Multiven is the world’s first and only provider of independent and politically-neutral software integrity maintenance and cyber-defense services for all the blockchain nodes and hardware that make up the world’s Internet networks. 
 Multiven is fulfilling its core mission of simplifying the way the world buys maintains and sells all Internet-enabled devices by tokenizing its successful business and launching the Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM), the world's first blockchain-based marketplace decentralized application for the global €4 Trillion IT hardware, software and services Industry, that enables everybody to buy and sell smartphones, computers, routers, etc. on a peer-to-peer basis, powered by smart contracts, and the Multicoin (MTCN) as the sole medium-of-exchange.  
 Multicoin transaction fees from the MOM will fuel the cyber-defense of Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes on Earth as well as their decentralization into low-Earth-orbit


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Sale Starts

15th May 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale opens

Happened: 1 Years, 10 Months, 27 Days ago

Sale Ends

1st May 2020

The ICO/Token/Coin sale closes

Happened: 11 Months, 10 Days ago


11th April 2021

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