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Pocket Node [NODE]

ENDED: December 10, 2019

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We firmly believe in supporting cryptocurrencies as they should be, i.e. inclusivity for all participants irrespective of financial standing or technical knowledge. This in mind, why should masternode creation be a complicated process requiring good level computer skills and endless YouTube streams? We think the crypto-ecosystem moves forward only after lowering ...Read More

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Executive Summary

Since Bitcoin’s inception more than ten years ago, cryptocurrencies have evolved dramatically. Proof of work evolved into proof of stake and now hybrid models are all over. For those accustomed to the advanced tech aspects of blockchain, proof of work and proof of stake was common knowledge. For those unaware about coding or blockchain architecture proof of work and stake were foreign languages.

Masternodes fall into the category of Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies. Blockchain and crypto are about mass adoption but the biggest issue plaguing the space is the lack of platforms facilitating mass adoption. Pocket Node set out to change this, the team desires to make mass adoption easy for all users. To achieve our dream the Pocket Node application was not only planned but created.


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9th December 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale opens

Happened: 1 Years, 4 Months, 6 Days ago

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10th December 2019

The ICO/Token/Coin sale closes

Happened: 1 Years, 4 Months, 5 Days ago


15th April 2021

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